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Scythes and Starter Kits

Here you can choose scythes (blade and snath) and also scythe starter kits (scythe plus sharpening kit)

Fermenting Crockpots and Other Food Preservation Tools

Fermenting Crockpots, Cabbage Cutters and Cabbage Mashers as well as Steam Juicers

Sustainable Living Weekends

Sustainable Living Weekends are help in Spring and Autumn every year. Bookings are only taken for the next one coming up.

Scythe Blades

High quality hand-forged scythe blades from Austria in 9 lengths. The blade you choose depends on the job at hand. One of our blades, the Blackberry Blade is not listed here because we sell it only as a complete scythe as it comes with its own metal snath. Look under our Scythes and Starter Kits section for this product.

Snaths and Accessories

Each snath is supplied with a blade attachment ring, two grips and a snath protector. However, for those who wish to make their own snath, we also sell seperately blade attachment rings and grips for one-gripped snaths.

Sharpening Tools

Sharpening your scythe is essential for effective and effortless scything. Scythe sharpening tools include whetstones for honing, and peening tools for cold-forging the blade.

Sickles and Other Farm and Gardening Tools

Sickles, hay forks, composting forks

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