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Depending on the size and fragility of your order, we deliver by either Startrack Express or Australia Post. If the parcel contains a snath, it is too long to be sent by Australia Post so we send it by courier. We have found that Australia Post has a much better track record of delivery fragile items, i.e. crockpots, without breakage.

We live 40 km out of town. To keep our costs down, we only go to town once a week, on a Friday, so Friday is the day we take all our orders to the courier.


If your order is being sent by Startrack Express, you will be asked to provide us with a real address. Couriers don't deliver to Post Office Boxes. If you are not at home when the courier arrives, they will leave you a note to pick the parcel up from their depot. If that depot is a long way from where you live, you might prefer to give us a business address instead, for example your place of work or a friendly local shop, where you can be guaranteed that someone is there during business hours.

As soon as the parcels are packaged and ready to go, we print out a Dispatch Summary for Startrack Express. This automatically sends you an email (if you have given us an email address) to let you know that the parcel is on its way. The email will also give you the consignment number for your parcel so you can track its progress on the website.

Australia Post

Australia Post tracks parcels now by default. Crockpots will be sent as individual items. Again, this reduces the chance of breakages. Our items sent through Australia Post are insured. If a breakage occurs (Australia Post is pretty good, but occasionally it happens), you will need to take the broken item to your local Australia Post Office and fill out a form.


Our freight costs are calculated on the weight of the parcel together with the state you are from. Please enter your state to find out what the freight costs will be for the article you are interested in.

Remote Locations

If you have the privilege of living on one of the more remote Australian islands or another remote location, we will have to individually calculate your shipping costs. We once made the mistake of considering Flinders Island to be Tasmania for the purpose of shipment, and ending up being out of pocket to the tune of $90 to ship the parcel!

Outside Australia

If you live outside Australia, we will only sell you an item under special circumstances. Firstly, we won't sell you a snath. Shipping costs make it prohibitive. We will sell you a blade and/or sharpening gear, but only if those items are not available in your own country. And again, we will have to individually calculate your shipping cost.




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