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Crockpot 10 L (L)


We are offering this 10 L MS-Steinzeugwaren crockpot at a discount of 18% (full price is $120). Standard postage and handling fees apply. Photo 1 - uneven pottery at top of pot, Photo 2 - tiny imperfection in glazing in moat, Photo 3 - scuff marks in glazing of lid. None of these flaws affect the functionality of the pot. Returns: If the crock is broken in transit, we will as is our policy refund you your money. However, if you receive the crock and decide you would have preferred a perfect one, no refund or replacement will be provided. So please examine the photos carefully before purchase.
Price: AU$ 98.40
Out of Stock

Anvil with Support Table


This anvil has been designed specifically for those who don't trust themselves to use the freehand anvil, but who have mastered the peening jig and are looking for a step up in peening quality. The support table provides somewhere to rest the blade whilst you are hammering the edge on the curved face of the anvil.
Price: AU$ 140.00
Out of Stock

Fermenting Crock Pot 5L


This is a 5 L crockpot made by Zaklady Ceramiczne, Poland. These pots are made at their factory in Poland. The 5 L crock pot is available in 2 colours, the traditional brown and olive green. The crock pots are made of stoneware with a food safe glaze, guaranteed to be lead and cadmium free. They are designed with straight sides and with a moat into which the lid is placed. This moat is filled with water and is a natural way of ensuring the pots are air tight, yet allow the carbon dioxide, which is produced during the fermentation, to escape. All crock pots come with 2 heavy weights to hold the vegetables down under the liquids. We also include a number of fermentation recipes. Try them out - then start experimenting!
Crockpot Colour 5L Brown
Price: AU$ 100.00

Wooden Right Handed Snath (Handle)


Swiss ash wood scythe snaths (handles), for mowers, both children and adults, ranging from under 5 ft to 6 ft 7 in. There are 4 lengths of snath to choose from: 130 cm for children or adults up to 158 cm (5 ft 2 in). 150 cm for people from 158 cm to 176 cm (5 ft 9 in). 160 cm for people from 176 cm to 188 cm (6 ft 2 in). 170 cm for people from 188 cm to 200 cm (6 ft 7 in). Each snath comes with a blade attachment ring, two grips, a snath protector, and an allen key for securing the blade to the snath.
Price: AU$ 126.00

Bregenzer Whetstone


Natural Bregenzer whetstone, about 300 grit. This stone is riven, rather than sawn so its broad faces are rough and cannot be used for honing. Instead the curved smooth sides are used. It is a useful stone for honing the blade in the field.
Price: AU$ 15.75

Scythe Starter Kit


The Scythe Starter Kit consists of a blade of your choice, the snath of your choice, a natural Bregenzer whetstone, a copper stone sheath and a peening jig, or an anvil and hammer (depending on your level of skill in metal working - hammer and anvil are for experienced metal workers). If you mainly wish to mow in enclosed spaces such as around trees, garden beds and fences, the trimming blade would be most useful for you. If you wish to mow mainly wide open areas of grass, and maybe even make some hay, the field blade would be a better choice. If you have both enclosed and open areas to mow, the all-purpose blade would be a good choice. There are 4 lengths of snath to choose from. 130 cm for children or adults up to 158 cm (5 ft 2 in). 150 cm for people from 158 cm to 176 cm (5 ft 9 in). 160 cm for people from 176 cm to 188 cm (6 ft 2 in). 170 cm for people from 188 cm to 200 cm (6 ft 7 in). Please note: If you are 100% left handed. see the Scythe Starter Kit, left handed.
Price: AU$ 341.00

Blade 40 cm (Vegie Garden Blade)


At 40 cm in length, this is the smallest blade we offer. It is particularly useful for mowing undersown green manure around cultivated plants. We also use it to harvest the spinach we grow in every alternate row in the vegetable patch. Or if your weeds have got away from you, you can mow them first before hoeing - which makes hoeing much easier. We have limited stock of this blade as we are testing the market to see if there is much interest.
Price: AU$ 85.00

Scythe Sickle


A light weight sickle, shaped like a scythe, made from quality Schroeckenfux steel. Weight 340 grams. Blade length is 32 cm; handle is made of wood. This sickle is peened, same as the scythe blades. We have both right handed and left handed sickles available.
Scythe Sickle Scythe Sickle, right handed
Scythe Sickle, left handed
Price: AU$ 52.50

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