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Bread Making

We bake all the bread for the workshop, but because we have to bake so much, we tend to bake it before everyone arrives on Friday. However, we will be showing you how to bake both sourdough and gluten free breads Friday afternoon. The rocket bread oven will be fired up all day. We have friends who are professional bakers who try to make it to our workshops, depending on their very busy schedule on their own farm and at their cafes. We always welcome them, but don’t know until the last minute whether they are able to make it to a particular workshop. If they do, you’ll see true artisans at work. Otherwise you’ll just have to make do with the home grown variety. The bread is delicious either way.

fresh bread

Israel about to add the sour dough mother to the flour. Yashar kneeding the dough with his able helper, his son Etan. Yashar got a real action up in this photo. The finished breads here are ones Nicki baked. Israel and Yashar's breads look a lot better than ours do. There are tricks to this trade!




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