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Cheese Making

For ourselves, we make all sorts of different cheeses - Quark, Caerphilly, Camembert, Cheddar, Gouda, Feta, Raclette ... Each time we make cheese, we have the hard decision of whether to make again one we really like or try a new recipe. Making cheese is not hard, but it requires attention to detail - and time, both of which are difficult to find with lots of people and activities going on. The best cheeses to make under such circumstances are therefore the soft cheeses. According to Jamie Oliver, such cheeses are chef’s cheeses. They are so versatile. So come along and learn to make a simple soft cheese to start your cheese making journey.  The cheese will be started on Friday afternoon, but finished on Saturday afternoon or even Sunday.

Here Dan is showing a group of children how to make Feta with our goats' milk. The second photo shows some hard cheeses which are being matured. They have just been taken out of the fridge to wash down with brine, a twice weekly occurrence at this stage of the maturation. These cheeses are Raclette.


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