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Slaughtering and Dressing a Chicken

This is not for everyone, but if you are an omnivore and want to achieve self-sufficiency, at some stage you'll have to kill an animal. For me, this isn't a pleasant task, but at least you can choose to learn how to do so with minimum suffering for the animal. Depending on who is demonstrating the task, the chicken's neck will be broken by hand, the head will be chopped off by an axe, or we will be demonstrating our newest gadget where the chicken's neck is broken, but you don't need as much strength (good for Nicki) to do so as you have a lever. If Donny is doing the demonstration, he'll show you how to remove the feathers in 5 swipes of his hand. We get close, but we haven't yet managed the job as cleanly as Donny does.

Here Donny is quietly talking to and calming the young rooster. He believes in respecting an animal in both life and death, and giving them the gentlest death possible. The second picture is chickens hung and being ready to pluck. The third is the chicken ready for the oven.



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