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Holistic Orchard Management

Friends of ours down in South Australia recently introduced us to holistic orchard management. For years now they have run a successful organic apple orchard, getting many of their ideas from the North American orchardist, Michael Phillips and his book “The Holistic Orchard: Tree Fruits and Berries the Biological Way”. So we are starting to transform our orchard. From 4 different biological sprays to strengthen the trees to wood chip and bales of hay mulch cover and a variety of other plants planted throughout the orchard – that’s where we want to go. Every so often Chris and Michelle make it up to our workshops, despite their heavy workload and the thousands of kilometres of travel.  You’re in for a real treat if they make it. Otherwise, find out where we’re going and join us on our journey.

A regular harvest of healthy apples would be fantastic. Hopefully, once we have the holistic orchard management system in place, this will be an annual occurrence.



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