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Rocket Stoves

Rocket stoves were initially designed for Africa to help villages cook their food and bake their bread with the minimum amount of fuel. They are highly insulated and efficient thermal mass stoves that use kindling as their heat source. We have one to heat the water and a large rocket bread oven for all the baking and roasting. The rocket bread oven can hold 24 one kilo loaves of bread or a couple of sheep! The one draw back – they need constant feeding. We ask people to keep an eye on them throughout the weekend to make sure they don’t go out. Come and have a look at our oven and the hot water heater, or if you are interested, check out the internet to find plans. This is where we got our oven from ... http://www.rocketstove.org/index.php/bread-ovens. Or ask Ed Adamthwaite about them - he built both the oven and the water heater for us!

The first two photos shows the oven (before we had a back wall on the kitchen) and then looking into its firebox. The next two photos show the hot water heater and its firebox. The hot water tank in the photo literally rolled down the hill to Ed's feet so he picked it up and drove it up to our farm (from Victoria). Since then we've replaced it with a slightly less battered one, a fantastic find from our local Tip.



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