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Soap Making

We have a number of friends who make their own soap, some of them just for themselves, others make soaps for sale. I have become very particular and will only have home made soaps in the house. I wash my hair with home made soap and use apple cider vinegar as a rinse afterwards. My hair has never felt this soft before. And considering that as a teenager, one hairdresser likened my hair to horse hair, that is some achievement! There is quite a science to making soap. Do you want it to lather? Do you want it to deep cleanse? Do you want it to condition? Each combination gives you a different soap. Then of course you can add essential oils to get the perfume that suits your personality. But you have to start somewhere. So we have actually had two friends offer to show you how to start your soap journey.

Here is a selection of handmade soaps that friends have made.

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