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Soil Rehabilitation

At the end of December, we were blessed with the arrival of Adon Bender, a young man who has been travelling up and down the east coast of Australia for the last 6 years, helping people create permaculture gardens, food forests, wonderful soil and anything else he can turn his many skills to. One of the first things he saw when he arrived were piles of unutilised animal manure. I think it was the first day, may have been the second and his first compost heap was under way. And then the hunt was on for sources of carbon.

What he wants to demonstrate in the workshop is methods of enlivening any soils. This workshop centres around aerobic thermal composting and compost tea preparations. You'll be building a compost heap from general farm ingredients, you'll be turning a compost heap and seeing what to look for in a successfully progressing compost. Any questions you've got on getting your soils pumping for fantastic growth, Adon will be happy to answer for you.

We will also be working with Donny and Queenie, his draft horse, to prepare an area for sowing a larger crop, incorporating compost we've made previously, sowing the seed and covering it with mulch.

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